Monday, February 27, 2012

hair inspiration

Love this image!

The best thing about hair and makeup is that it can change your entire look in minutes and can be as ever changing as your mood. I like to change up my hair every once in a while but I often find myself in a rut and then I either want to A) cut off all my hair, B) change the entire color scheme, or C) wear a wig or a hat. Lately I've been really digging this colorful My Little Pony-esque hair trend. I love the whole easter egg pastel explosion that I've been seeing with people's hair-do's. Growing up, listening to punk music and going to shows, I used to always look at the interesting shades of colors in other people's hair and up until my 28th year of existence, did not muster up enough confidence to put actual color (straying away from normal hair colors) in my hair. I do remember junior high school crazy hair days when we used that canned spray on color though. Here's to tasting the rainbow when it comes to new hair color!

Before my hair color makeover.



Brightly colored hair fades fast. A sulfate free shampoo helps to preserve some of the color, but expect your shower water to turn colors. Luckily I don't mind the washed out color. If only I could have lilac colored hair! I think that will be next on my list!